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ABOUT US model

TEACHE is a pioneer in Deviant Learning

We are an independent, not-for-profit, digitally led online education and e-learning research organization comprised of a team of highly driven professionals with rich international experience across a wide range of industries and markets, from education, digital art and design, information technology, and data science, dedicated to revolutionizing the E-learning industry in Turkey.

Radically evolving technologies that have created a profoundly interconnected world have rendered traditional, linear learning models obsolete. With most institutions far behind the curve, it is critical to enable and empower learners with new, relevant approaches to learning. This includes developing new strategies, tools, and systems that allow students to create the learning experience best suited to them.

Our aims are:

To conduct honest, fair, scholarly research to understandreflect and re-assess our current understanding and readiness of critical infrastructure across higher education institutions in Turkey.

To change the wrote-learning mindset from both the learner and educator points of view. The mind is not a bookshelf, it is a set of sharp tools to be used with ideas, information, concepts, techniques, and processes internalized over time, through learning and experience, and combined with creativity, strategy, and intelligence to achieve desired results.

To empower learners and educators with modern teaching/learning techniquesmethodologies, and tools that provide learning metrics data by skill, subskill, application, and other measures not centered around a single overall test score.

To specialize in the design, and deployment of secure, intelligent e-learning, testing, and evaluation materials, mechanisms and platforms based on descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive models combined with artificial intelligence that provide meaningful feedback to learners and educators. This adaptive approach seeks to help them map out a learning path best suited for them, rather than confine teachers and students to the same one-size-fits-all approach in the traditional classroom.


To meet the combined demands of higher education learning with industry leading, secure, cloud-based PM and LMS platforms that provide students with analytical/technical/digital skills and experiences in information technology, communication, collaboration, data science, analytics, and visualization valued by organizations across all operations and global markets.

the Phamily


We are strong believers in technology.

In a world where
communication, collaboration, efficiency, and simplicity are key factors, especially when working remotely, we choose to incorporate the best technologies in our working methods. Our online workspace is powered by Slack. We dont need to send you emails or text messages. All our communication is done securely through public and private channels where you can easily communicate with us and each other, access our resources, reports, articles, and all the other good stuff, all in one workspace. 

In addition, we believe that students should become familiar with such industry leading platforms that are used by major organizations around the world.

You can ask us for an invite by sending us an email at


We use Slack for work, and Instagram to socialize. It is where you can get to know us a little better and we get to know you. 

We share stuff like the
movies we like, the people we admire, and things that make us laugh. But we also like to talk about the things we are passionate about like womens' rights, gender inequality, world hunger, global poverty, the environment, and animal cruelty.

We also like to do
live sessions where we talk to you one-on-one for you to get some English speaking practice. We talk about  anything and everything, from mental health to superpowers, and even have karaoke rap battles

Follow us at @phantomlearninglabs


The one thing we love as much as our students is music. That’s why we have an anonymous, crowd-sourced office playlist. It’s rad.


• Don’t skip songs. Not cool, man.
• Don’t kill the vibe. If it’s reggae
morning, don’t make it 80’s night.
• No more than a dozen or so songs at once.

Most importantly, participate. Tastes vary widely in this crew, so don’t be shy about playing anything you’re in the mood for.



We all do.

Check out our collaborative Spotify playlist 

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